Sunday, January 04, 2009
So, what have you done with your life for the last 5 years? Have u ever surpassed ur initial estimates by 20 folds... Have u wandered more than 10 miles alone in a barren land...
Dont feel ashamed if the answer is NO... But please take a moment to appreciate this one of a kind acheivement of mankind that has gone unnoticed... This feat so umatched isnt unfolding on Planet Earth but 125 million miles away on Mars... Yes, on Mars, and I am talking about the twin rovers Spirit and Oppurtunity.

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Launched on Jan 2003 for a 90 day mission to this barren land. The rovers have been relentlessly unravelling the mysteries of mars. Some say after this mission humans know more about Mars than Earth!!!

They have given us some breath taking images of Mars and have survived to most hostile situations. Spirit has even lost one of it wheels and dragging them along for years now!

Surely this is an remarkable acheivement for Space Technology and Mankind as such!

P.S: I started this article for the fourth year anniversary... and posted it on the Fifth anniv! such is a lazy a** I am!!

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wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

This is absolutely frikken nuts. I wanna DO it so much!!!
Ennada life idhu! Anubavikara vayasu idhu!! :-P
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
It doesnt matter who you are, who you are with, what you are doing everyone has to make choices! Everyone has to take time to think things through to consider how these choices will effect them and others around them. It can be so hard to make decisions sometimes cause it could result in the people you care about getting hurt and life changing. There are so many choices in this life some are minor some are huge but we all like to act like some choices were never there and that we never have to deal with them. some choices we wish others could make for us cause that would make life simple but we know we are the only one that can possible make the decision. so when you make a decision whether it is minor or more complex just make sure you are aware of the results and how they effect you and others.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
For the next few posts I would be posting the scenes that moved me, impressed me, made me go WOWWW!!!! from the world of Tamil Cinema...

This scene is from the movie Thevar Magan.. amazing peice of work by Kamal and Sivaji...

This is why they are the greats of Tamil cinema!!!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Seems hilarious. May be better to read some comics or watch out some comedy or magic show.

Microsoft says :p

Our employees are idiots.. we keep on acquiring and purchasing.. or we don't trust our employees and their capabilities.. don't allow them do anything.

I say :D

Gates is a great visionary.. Eric and Ballmer are great businessmen.. Brin and Larry are great innovators and, Jerry, David not even worst salesperson?
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Sunday, February 10, 2008
The puzzle was posed by Microsoft as a challenge.

How many distinct points are there on the surface of the Earth from which you can walk one mile due South, then one mile due East, and then one mile due North, and end up at the same exact spot from which you started?

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Would love to spend a day here... Man heavenly!!!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007
i am dedicating this for u... he he he he... my blog after sometime... maaaaaan... i ve postponed to write for quite sometime...

I hv planned on writing more often and maybe that will be my 2008 goal. :p

I am planning to use my blog to post thing i come across... interesting things... useful stuff.. anything i feel is good... :p its upto u ppl to discriminate.. :D


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have now come to terms about the facts that I won't be with her. how long time is saddening me, however I have come to terms with this.

I want to be with her with all my heart I do. This 'maybe' state is what is making me nervwrecking and frankly I hate it.

it is something 'I' must work with and 'I' to sort out within myself and nothing anyone else could do for me and I am working on it.

It is hard to come to terms that you might not be able to be with the one you truely love.

Will I miss her...yep...but with technology I will be able to keep in touch

I really do miss her... I miss her smile... I miss her company... I miss her every single day... I miss her friendship... I miss her desperately... I miss her innocence... I miss her frankness... I miss her intelligence... I miss her fragility...

what is wrong with me am I genuinely missing her or am I homesick or something as I now find myself very alone??; Do I love her to such an extent that I can't easily move on; and if that is the case should I try it out regardless of the implications or should I give in and act upon my feelings of missing her so desperately.
I miss her terribly.

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